CMPIC Preferred Vendors
CMPIC Preferred Vendors


CMPIC Preferred Vendor

What is a CMPIC Preferred Vendor?

(1) Vendor personnel understand CM requirements and guidelines of various industry approved CM Standards.

(2) Vendor has CMPIC trained individuals active in defining and developing the software solution.

(3) The software product has the capability to enable efficient identification, change management and status accounting [recording and reporting information] in the environment(s) in which the tool was designed to be used.

(4) The vendor is active in the CM Professional community, e.g: CM conferences, online CM discussion groups, membership in various CM and related associations. supports CM education providers, etc.

Who is a CMPIC Preferred Vendor?

PSA Systems Aras
Bentley CMstat
Intergraph CM Trends Exhibitor

CMPIC re-reviews its preferred vendors on an annual basis. CMPIC LLC reserves the right to add/delete vendors at any time if CMPIC LLC believes the vendor does no longer meets the CMPIC guidelines from CMPIC's perspective. Notice by CMPIC LLC need not be given in advance. In addition new vendors, who acquire existing CM preferred vendors (buy outs, merges, etc.) will be removed from the preferred vendor list and will need to be re-evaluated by CMPIC LLC (just as new vendors are). Contact if interested in becoming a CMPIC preferred vendor. CMPIC LLC will also remove a vendor, if the vendor request removal via email to