CM Trends 2023

Configuration Management Seminar, Workshops, And Training

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An Event for Configuration Management Professionals

CM Trends is the premier forum for learning about, discussing, and sharing new advances and practices in Configuration Management. This event will showcase the latest trends in CM such as:

  • 649C Enterprise Implementation

  • Digital Engineering/Transformation/Collaboration

  • Model Based Everything (MBX)

  • Establishing Enduring Authoritative Truth

  • Industry 4.0

  • Internationally accepted and implemented industry standards

  • Discuss real-life successful corporate experiences in configuration management



21-23 August 2023
Hilton Long Beach
Long Beach, California USA

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By bringing people together, connecting and inspiring them, we can create the potential for positive change.

This event addresses CM as practiced by various organizations, in various environments, and in various life cycle phases. Hear first hand from the thought leaders who lead and made 649C, The Configuration Management Standard, possible: our instructors A. Larry Gurule and Michael Treadwell. CM Trends does not focus on a single CM methodology, you will also learn about the latest internationally accepted and utilized “Best Practices,” related standards, and much more.

This will be your opportunity to meet and network with delegates from across the globe in similar fields and interests.


Who should attend? Enterprise Leadership, Enterprise functional directors and managers, CM / DM / QA / PM / SE / LCLS / SR and related professionals from all environments including hardware, software, information technology, facilities, asset management and services.

Wherever you work, whatever you create, build, deploy, or maintain, CM Trends has something for you.

To ensure every audience member is able to take away knowledge they can use in their workplace, CM Trends offers twice-daily Question and Answer sessions where you can ask the speakers their opinions, advice, or clarification on your most pressing issues. CM Trends also provides all attendees with an electronic copy of presentations to take back to the work place, to make it easier for you to pass along your knowledge gained.

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At CM Trends you will be submerged in unique and informative presentations, group question & answer sessions, networking breaks, and time to speak with exhibitors. It’s only 2.5 days long, but if you’re able to stay the whole week, you can also attend a discounted class where you will grow your knowledge base even more! With so much you can gain in just one week, why not attend?



23-25 August 2023
Hilton Long Beach
Long Beach, California USA

Instructor teaching a class after a conference.

Attend the event and receive a discount off one of the trainings listed below!

CMPIC offers three options for discounted training held immediately after CM Trends. You can select one of the following:

  • Course 6: "SAE EIA-649C Principles & Applications" certification
  • Course 16: "Enterprise CM Planning" certification
  • WORKSHOPS: A variety of workshops will be offered as a separate track during the training hours. Details will be announced in February 2023.

Training classes occuring the week of CM Trends will be 2.5 days long. GET THE BUNDLED RATE: Save $200 when you attend both the CM Trends Seminar and a post-seminar training.

for a post-event class

"Will take this info back to educate my staff and others in the company and my customer."

CM Trends 2023: 21 - 25 August 2023

Monday, August 21, 2023 7:00AM - 5:00PM Breakfast, General Session Presentations (Day 1of 3)
Tuesday, August 22, 2023 7:15AM - 5:00PM Breakfast, General Session Presentations (Day 2 of 3)
Wednesday, August 23, 2023 7:15AM - 11:30AM Breakfast, General Session Presentations (Day 3 of 3)
1:00PM - 4:30PM Training Courses (Day 1 of 3)
Thursday, August 24, 2023 7:00AM - 4:30PM Breakfast, Training Courses (Day 2 of 3)
Friday, August 25, 2023 7:00AM - 4:30PM Breakfast, Training Courses (Day 3 of 3)


HILTON Long Beach
701 West Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90831
Sleeping Room Rate is current government per diem rate of $182 per night




"CMPIC continues to provide the best and most up to date coverage of CM available. I look forward to each event."

"This event is worth it with all of the networking opportunities with CM professionals. It has been so helpful to listen to the experiences of others and how they problem solved their issues! Thank you for proving a forum where CM professionals can come together and talk!"

"This forum provides a great opportunity to share CM experiences and knowledge between professionals from a wide variety of locations and activities. It's the best way I've found to stay up to date on rules and guidelines."

"I am re-energized and focused back into CM methodology. ... I am ready to go back and focus on completion of setting up our CM program with fresh approaches to get buy-in from the team members who are not yet on board."

"My time with CM has been self taught. This conference has been a wealth of knowledge that has changed my perspective."

"First time at the CM Trends and thought the seminars were very thought provoking. Enjoyed networking with fellow CM Professionals."

"I found so many useful and thought provoking presentations. ... It was a great time, with lots of tangible nuggets to take back and implement. Looking forward to the future CMPIC events and courses!"

"The event was very robust and full of valuable insight and innovative information. Thank you for providing this opportunity! Getting stakeholder buy in and the psychology of getting other stakeholder buy in to CM and change management are major milestones to managing configuration and change management. I got some excellent ideas on how to mitigate."

"This conference has provided an abundance of CM information and topics that stretch my perception of what CM is all about. Thank you for putting together a great number and variety of speakers."

"I really like the timing of speakers compares to group CM discussion breaks. This allows time for conversations during the day and not just during lunch or dinner. This was a stress-less event instead of feeling rushed - great job!"

"Thank you for putting CM professionals in one place. The networking experience was priceless!"

"I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this event. The training provided was current and relevant. I will be able to apply the skills I have learned immediately. I look forward to the next SWAT!"

"Great work and interactive environment. Makes CM interesting while being instructive."

"[Speaker's] material was clean and concise and provided great insight for work that I actualy perform."

"Thank you all for the presentations on the flash drive. I'm sure they will prove to be invaluable!"

"[I learned] a lot! Will take this info back to educate my staff and others in the company and my customer."

"CM Trends was very beneficial for the networking purposes! Everyone around the table is very knowledgeable so it's exciting to hear how others handle CM."

"Enjoyed the discussion among a group of people that struggle with the same issues I do."

“This was the best and most informative CM conference I have ever attended.”

"I thought I knew about CM in my own little world. This experience has really opened my eyes. I am glad that I came with no expectations because I did not know what to expect. Had I had them, this would have blown me away!"

"I can use all the info from these briefings to perform better CM within [my] organization."

"Very motivated to go back to the workplace and tackle some of the issues at hand."

“Thank you for putting on such a wonderful conference. I found it to be very insightful and it added so much to my CM Knowledge. I am now back at work and excited to start implementing some of the things I learned.”

"CMPIC provides a great benefit and opportunity for CM Professionals! Without this conference, the Profession of CM would not be living the way it should!"



If you would like more information on this event or would like to be a speaker or exhibitor at CM Trends, please contact the CMPIC office at