CMPIC's Configuration Management Certification and Training Classes

CMPIC offers the most up-to-date, professional Configuration Management training and Configuration Management certification courses that will expand your CM knowledge and abilities.

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Configuration Management Principles and Implementation certification

The CM Principles & Implementation Certification series provides a solid foundation in configuration management to all those who need a thorough understanding of configuration management principles, processes, tools, workflows, and how to achieve integration to provide an effective and efficient enterprise solution.

64 hours, 6.4 CEUs, Multi-Course Certification Program

Configuration Management Industry Standard SAE EIA-649 Principles and Applications certification

SAE EIA-649C Principles & Applications is an advanced certification course that will explain the importance of this industry standard and show you how to apply this standard in various environments. SAE EIA-649 is perhaps the most widely accepted Configuration Management (CM) standard in use today. The course content will address the full standard and each student will receive a licensed PDF copy of the latest version of EIA-649 Standard for Configuration Management.

SAE EIA-649C: CMPIC is now teaching the newest version of 649.

20-24 hours, 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs, Certification

Configuration Management Assessor certification

CM Assessor is an advanced certification course that will teach CM professionals assessment techniques used to identify areas of improvement and uncover deficiencies in existing processes. The assessment criteria covers assessment of all the major elements of CM as defined by major industry standards and quality initiatives such as SAE EIA-649, CMMI, ITIL, MIL-HDBK-61, AS9100, and more.

20-24 hours, 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs, Certification

Software Configuration Management: Strategies, Techniques, and Tools certification

Software Configuration Management: Strategies, Techniques, and Tools is an advanced certification, introductory-level course that will provide a broad overview of the principles and techniques of Software Configuration Management (SCM) as it applies to the entire software lifecycle. It will address the application of SCM in a wide variety of approaches to software development and maintenance, from traditional to agile. The course will illustrate the SCM strategies, techniques, and required tool capabilities that support each of the activities in the software development life cycle.

4 days (in-person) 8 half-days (virtual), 3.2 CEUs, Certification

Configuration Management Standards and Practices Update class

Configuration Management Standards & Practices Update is a refresher course for experienced CM and related professionals who periodically need to be updated on current trends, standards, automation, and best practices in CM. The purpose of this course is to assist in keeping your CM skills and education up to date.

20 hours, 2.0 CEUs

SAE EIA-649-1 Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts certification

SAE EIA-649-1 Configuration Management Requirements for Defense Contracts will address the full standard which defines requirements for a Defense enterprise implementation of EIA-649 in an Acquirer/Supplier contractual relationship. These requirements are intended to be tailored by the Acquirer and cited in contracts or similar agreements with Suppliers to establish requirements for Configuration Management tasks consistent with EIA-649 and each of its functions and principles.

20-24 hours, 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs, Certification

Configuration Management for Engineers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance Professionals class

Configuration Management (CM) is an integral part of Engineering, Project Management and Quality Assurance. Many engineers, project managers, and quality assurance personnel know about the “CM department” but few know of the enormous benefits CM can bring when properly integrated with engineering/project management/quality assurance.

This 2-day course will provide a high level overview of the role of configuration management as it relates to overall efficiency and effectiveness. It will address the benefits of integrating CM with engineering, project management and quality assurance. It addresses the various elements of CM such as: planning, identification, change management, status accounting, verification and audit, as well as everyone’s organizational responsibilities associated with CM. Attendees will be exposed to the complete landscape of CM activities and will learn how to make CM processes work for them. Students will walk away with a solid understanding of configuration management and the role of CM as it applies to engineering, project management and assuring quality.

16 hours, 1.60 CEUs, on-site only

Security-Focused Configuration Management of Information Systems: Principles and Applications class

The Security-Focused CM of Information Systems course will address the role of configuration management in protecting information systems. Attendees will understand the CM requirements as prescribed in NIST special publications 800-53 and 800-128. Course materials will come from the NIST publications and supplemented with application examples provided by CMPIC.

20-24 hours, 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs, Certification

Configuration Management Planning Certification

This course will discuss the "Big Picture" of why we need to plan for CM, as well as lead you through the approaches and considerations for coming up with your own CM planning and your resulting CM Plan. We will look at terminology, documenting the outcome, and the details of what needs to be planned for.

20-24 hours, 2.0 - 2.4 CEUs, Certification

Master's Certification Program in Enterprise Configuration Management - advanced certification

CMPIC's Master's Certification in ECM is a certification awarded to those students who successfully complete a comprehensive set of coursework. Being awarded this certification signifies that you have the knowledge to explain and implement CM throughout the various functional areas within an organization. Click below to see if you qualify for CMPIC's Master's Certification.

Table with class overview of requirements for the CMPIC Masters Certification in Enterprise Configuration Management.
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Multi-Course Certification Program

Configuration Management Subject Matter Expert (CMSME) - advanced ongoing program

Successful enrollment into the CMPIC's CMSME Program signifies that you have met the program requirements of learning the many Configuration Management (CM) principles and techniques required to implement CM in various functional areas within an organization. Becoming an active member in this program demonstrates your commitment to remaining current in all aspects of Configuration Management and an advanced achievement in continuous CM education. Click below to see if you qualify to become a member of the CMSME Program.

Overview of CMSME program class requirements - 5 years CM job experience + CMPIC Master's certification + additional ongoing requirement.
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Multi-Course Program

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