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ABOUT CMPIC®: The Configuration Management Process Improvement Center

We are the Configuration Management Process Improvement Center (CMPIC LLC), and we provide certification and training in configuration management (CM) to professionals who need a thorough understanding of configuration management, process improvement, error reduction, implementation options, and the latest CM standards and requirements. CMPIC courses teach CM in accordance with the latest, internationally accepted and DoD adopted industry standards.

CMPIC originated in 2008 when Steve Easterbrook, world-renowned CM expert and experienced CM instructor, decided to start a Configuration Management (CM) training and certification company that would teach only the most current, usable, and industry-approved CM course material, approved by an accredited university. CMPIC was an immediate success, receiving substantial praise from students and organizations.

Today, CMPIC has trained thousands of students from a variety of backgrounds – IT professionals, CM managers, QA professionals, CEOs, college students, and many more. Regularly scheduled classes that are open to the public are currently being held throughout North America and various locations overseas. If you have a large group that needs training, CMPIC is able to travel anywhere in the world to teach at your facility.

If you have any questions or need more information, we would be happy to talk with you! Feel free to get in touch with Kathy in the CMPIC office with questions about upcoming courses, registration, and fees; or contact one of our instructors via email or on LinkedIn with your specific CM or implementation questions.

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ABOUT CLASSES: Configuration Management Certification and Training Courses


To ensure each student walks away from class with a thorough understanding of all the elements of configuration management, along with ideas for realistic implementation approaches and the motivation to begin improving their organization’s processes.


CMPIC’s course material is based upon internationally recognized, industry and expert-approved, DoD adopted, current configuration management standards, handbooks, quality standards, the Code of Federal regulations, and other documents that address the requirements, laws, and application methodologies associated with CM. In addition to industry standards, CMPIC courses combine advice from decades of instructor experience consulting, assessing, teaching, and working directly in configuration management along with material from books, white papers, articles, and empirical data concerning the various aspects of configuration management. This allows CMPIC® to provide you with concise and comprehensive courses that leave no stone unturned.

CMPIC classes cover fundamental Configuration Management concepts along with providing a complete understanding of all aspects of configuration management along with implementation options. CMPIC does not teach one methodology, but instead focuses on the entire configuration management landscape. This makes CMPIC courses applicable to all work environments and easily understood by any experience level.


CMPIC courses cover a variety of topics, including configuration management planning, configuration management plans, configuration control, change management, configuration verification, configuration audit, configuration status accounting, configuration management standards / guidance documents (such as EIA-649, DOE-1073, MIL-HDBK-61A, etc), configuration management assessments, software configuration management, IT security, and much more. Our courses have been written with a variety of implementation environments in mind: Software, Hardware, Information Technology (IT), Engineering, Facilities, and more.


Students will walk away from class with a physical copy of their course materials and notes, along with the contact information for their instructor so that they can get in touch with any future questions they may have. All standard-specific courses will provide students with their own personal licensed electronic copy of the standard taught in class. Certification classes will provide students with an internationally recognized, course-specific framed certification from CMPIC LLC. Students will also receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from CMPIC. Each class taken gets you closer to earning your CMPIC Master's Certification in Enterprise Configuration Management, after which you may qualify to be a part of the CM Subject Matter Expert (CMSME) Program.


All CMPIC associates, teachers, and instructors are active members in the CM community, participating in organizations such as the G-33 committee, ACDM, ASQ, NDIA, SAE International, and other influential organizations in order to remail current on the latest trends, standards, regulations, and advances pertinent to your CM education. Our instructors have years of hands-on experience working in configuration management along with experience consulting, training, and/or providing assessments in the area of configuration management to both commercial and governmental organizations. CMPIC® instructors are not only well-informed, but also personable and engaging. They use modern training techniques and a fresh perspective to ensure that classes are interesting and rewarding for students.


CMPIC has taught thousands of students from hundreds of organizations. Click here to view all companies that have received CMPIC training and/or certification.


Our students leave CMPIC classes inspired, not tired! Our instructors and courses receive such high reviews, with over 99.3% of our students saying they would recommend our courses to their peers. If you would like to read a sample of comments students have left on their course evaluation sheets, please check out our testimonials page. If you would like to talk to a past student directly about their experiences in a CMPIC class, we can put you in touch with a student who works in an industry similar to yours.


CMPIC® offers both public and onsite classes for all CMPIC training and certification courses. CMPIC's courses are competitively priced with various discounts available including a special government discount for all US government employees and on-site badged contractors. All on-site courses are also offered at a reduced rate.


Everyone at CMPIC® is friendly and eager to provide assistance. If you have any questions at all regarding CMPIC®, CM courses, or CM in general, we would enjoy talking with you. Please call us at (434) 525-8648 or email us at info@cmpic.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!




CMPIC LLC is a woman-owned small business, member ACDM, NDIA, ASQ, and SAE's G-33 Committee.