CMPIC Course Fees and Discounts

Pricing for attending public CMPIC classes from the CMPIC Training Schedule. Please check out CMPIC's on-site fees page to learn about pricing for hosting a class at your facility.


Public Course Registration Fees

Public class fees apply to any class listed on the CMPIC training page.

Course Title & Description Cost Per Person, Per Course (USD) Government Discounted Rate*
Course 1
CM Foundations
CMPIC Certification Course 1 of 4
(16 hours)
$995 $945.25
Course 2
CM Identification
CMPIC Certification Course 2 of 4
(16 hours)
$995 $945.25
Course 3
Change Management
CMPIC Certification Course 3 of 4
(16 hours)
$995 $945.25
Course 4
CM Implementation
CMPIC Certification Course 4 of 4
(16 hours)
$995 $945.25
Course 6
SAE EIA-649C Certification
(20-24 hours)
$1295 $1230.25
Course 7
CM Assessor
CM Assessor Certification
(20-24 hours)
$1295 $1230.25
Course 8
SCM: Strategies, Techniques & Tools
Software Configuration Management Certification
(32 hours)
$1495 $1420.25
Course 9
CM Standards & Practices Update
CM Standards & Practices Update course
(20-24 hours)
$1295 $1230.25
Course 10
SAE EIA-649-1 CM Requirements for Defense Contracts Certification
(20-24 hours)
$1295 $1230.25
Course 15
Security-Focused CM
Security-Focused CM of Information Systems Certification
(20-24 hours)
$1295 $1230.25
All fees shown are US Dollars (USD). If your company or organization does not have a payment history with CMPIC, pre-payment will be required within 14 days of the class start date.



Government Discount
* Government Employees and support contractors with government issued IDs who are currently performing services for government facilities are eligible for a 5% per person, per course discount as shown above.

Commercial Discount
CMPIC will offer a 5% per person per course discount to any commercial organization that registers two (2) or more employees for the same public class.

NOTE: Discounts cannot be combined. If multiple discounts apply, the one discount that provides the lowest invoiced amount will prevail.


Public & On-Site Cancellation Policies